3 Myths About Today’s Housing Market

Ready to Make a Move This Fall? Don’t Let the Debbie Downers Stop You!Get the facts about the current market and move forward with confidence. Say goodbye to old rumors and uncertainty. Myth #1: Owners with super low rates will never sell.Fact: While it’s true that many homeowners locked in low rates several years ago, … Continued

What To Expect As We Enter Into The Fall Real Estate Market

Here’s a look ahead at the rest of the Fall real estate market and beyond: Home Prices and Rent Growth Get ready for a slowdown in home price and rent growth! Experts predict that things will level off in 2023 and carry into 2024. Surprisingly, rents might even outpace the appreciation of home prices. This … Continued

My Favorite Type of Client

I love what I do because I get to help folks navigate the complexities of buying and selling real estate every day. Of course there are challenges, but it’s totally worth it when I have great clients. My favorite type of client often demonstrates these 3 attributes: 1. Willingness to Learn I believe that education … Continued