3 Things That Can Make Or Break the Sale of Your Home in Anderson

Things That Can Make Or Break the Sale of Your Home in Anderson

It can be so exasperating. Everything appears to be on track, and the buyer seems genuinely keen. You feel like you’ve almost sealed the deal, just needing to close it. But then, your real estate agent calls with the disappointing news: the buyer has lost interest. What went wrong? It could have been one (or more) of these…

3 Things That Can Make or Break the Sale of Your Home

1. The Roof

As a potential buyer approaches your home, one of the first things they will notice is the roof. If your roof has damaged or missing shingles, visible leaks, or poorly functioning gutters, it will immediately raise concerns. Ensuring that your roof is in good repair before any buyer steps foot on your property is essential.

The home inspection, a critical part of the selling process, will undoubtedly reveal any roof issues, which can easily become a deal-breaker or even lead to disclosure complications.

Fortunately, investing in a new roof offers substantial benefits. Firstly, a new roof is highly appealing to buyers, making your home more attractive in a competitive market. Secondly, a new roof can provide a return on investment exceeding 100% at the time of sale, making it one of the most valuable renovations you can undertake.

2. Keywords in Listings

In this digital age, most people begin their home search online, making online listings crucially important. Accurate and honest keywords and descriptions in these listings are essential. While the realtor typically handles creating the listing, it’s a good idea for you to be involved as well. By collaborating, you can ensure that the listing highlights the most attractive features of your home and presents it in the best possible light to potential buyers.

For example:

If your home is not in perfect condition and needs some attention, avoid describing it as “in excellent condition.” Potential buyers will quickly notice the discrepancies when they visit. In this case, honesty is the best policy. Providing an accurate description builds trust and sets realistic expectations, helping you find the right buyer who appreciates the true state of your home.

If you list your home as “renovated,” it needs to have been actually renovated. A few minor cosmetic improvements don’t constitute renovation.

If you want to say your home is in “move-in condition,” just be aware that the phrase means different things to different people.

Embellishments like “a must see” shouldn’t be used unless your home is, in fact, a must see.

Honesty/dishonesty and accuracy/inaccuracy in listings are things that can make or break the sale of your home.

3. The Price

Conventional wisdom once suggested pricing your home slightly above market value. If successful, you’d make a significant profit, or you’d have room for negotiation, likely settling at market value. However, this strategy is now outdated.

In today’s fast-paced home-buying environment, buyers are more informed and savvy. Overpricing your home can have serious drawbacks. First, buyers can easily recognize an overpriced listing. Additionally, overpricing may cause your home to linger on the market, making it increasingly difficult to sell. Prolonged listing times often lead potential buyers to assume that there are major issues with the property. Therefore, it’s crucial to price your home accurately from the start to attract serious buyers and facilitate a quicker sale.

Selling your home in Anderson can be a drawn-out process filled with challenging negotiations and potential deal-breakers. However, knowing what can influence the sale of your home is incredibly beneficial. I am here to assist you in navigating these challenges and ensuring a swift and successful sale.


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